Luas Cross City (LCC) is the next phase of Dublin’s integrated light rail network.  Luas Cross City will extend the existing Luas Green Line from St. Stephen’s Green West to the Iarnród Éireann Broombridge Station in Cabra.

Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) is delivering the project with funding being provided by the National Transport Authority. The project is being undertaken in close collaboration with Dublin City Council who are the administrative body responsible for Dublin City.


The Luas Cross City route is structurally different than the Luas Green or Red Line.

The new route will be a double Luas track at southern end of the line and will then split into 2 single tracks to loop around the city centre at College Green.
In the city centre the single track loop will run from College Green, northbound up Westmoreland Street across O’Connell Bridge, up O’Connell Street.
In the city centre the single track loop will run across Parnell Street (east of O’Connell Street), down Marlborough Street, across the new bridge between Eden and Burgh Quays and south along Hawkins Street and into College Street linking back up at College Green.

It will then return to a double track from the top of O’Connell Street on up to Broombridge Station.

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The construction of the Luas Cross City project is a complex undertaking which requires the involvement of different specialists at various stages.  A number of work phases are involved in the completion of this new infrastructure.  These works are planned and will be implemented in consultation with key stakeholders, ensuring effective communication and engagement with the public in advance of changes to traffic route arrangements or any traffic diversions which may be required.

The main work phases are as follows:
Heritage Works
Temporary removal of various monuments and statues along the route of the scheme and put them into storage for the duration of the project

Cellars Infill Works
Filling in the sections of cellars/basements under footpaths and roadways needed for the diversion of utilities from under the proposed tram line

Utilities Diversion Works
Diversion of the myriad of utilities in the path of the Luas tracks out of the area of the new tracks. This is being undertaken to avoid future service breakages, repairs or diversions from affecting tram operations

Main Infrastructure Works
Main contract on the project.  The 33 month Infrastructure Works contract involves:
•    design and construction;
•    systems integration;
•    testing & commissioning;
•    bringing into operational service of the track works;
•    13 new Luas stops
•    a tram depot with tram stabling and operations staff facilities at Broombridge;
•    2 new sub-station buildings;
•    bridge works;
•    overhead wiring and traffic signalling for the Luas Cross City scheme;
•    landscaping, carriageway and footpath reinstatement works along the alignment.

Electrical and Mechanical Systems
Installation of the various systems associated with powering and operating a light rail system.

What Phase are we currently working on?

The Heritage Works, Cellars Infill Works & Utilities Diversion Works are now complete.  At present, Main Infrastructure Works contract are being undertaken.

The Infrastructure Works contract for the Luas Cross City project was awarded by TII to Sisk Steconfer Joint Venture Utilities Limited (SSJV).  John Sisk & Son is an international construction company headquartered in Ireland.  Steconfer is a Portugese construction company specialising in railway works and overhead catenary works.


Construction on the Luas Cross City project commenced in June 2013 and service is scheduled to be in operation by the end of 2017.

When the LCC project is completed:
•    The Luas Green Line will be extended to Broombridge Station in Cabra
•    There will be an interchange point at the new O’Connell Street (GPO) stop and the current Abbey Street stop between the Luas Green Line and the Red Luas Line
•    There will be 13 new stops with 8 of these in core city centre area
•    It will take 21 minutes to travel the 5.9km from Broombridge Station to St. Stephen’s Green


Works on the Luas Cross City project are being undertaken along the route shown on the route map below from St. Stephen’s Green to Broombridge Station in Cabra.

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Luas Cross City will have many benefits to both the public and businesses including:
•    Creation of the ‘missing link’ in the Luas network – interchange between Luas Green and Red line;
•    Enhanced image of Dublin as a shopping, tourist and business destination leading to increases in investment and economic activity;
•    A fast and reliable modern transport system;
•    Greater integration of Luas, Rail and bus systems in Dublin;
•    Links central city business precincts;
•    Links central city shopping areas Henry Street and Grafton Street;
•    Catalysts for regeneration of city centre areas such as Marlborough, Dominick, Parnell Streets and sustainable new development of vacant city centre sites;
•    Extension of the Luas system to the north of Dublin city centre and also providing improved access to city centre for the communities of Phibsborough & Cabra;
•    Reduction of city centre congestion and economic benefits of enhanced mobility;
•    Increased public transport share in the region with 10 million additional Luas journeys per annum;
•    Provides access to the planned unified DIT campus facility at Grangegorman which will accommodate over 20,000 students and staff;
•    Reduction of CO2 and other greenhouse emissions due to a decrease in other transport usage;
•    Interchange with Maynooth Line at Broombridge Station.

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