Luas Cross City Railway Order

Railway Order for Luas Cross City (Luas Broombridge) – June 2010

An application was made by the Railway Procurement Agency to An Bord Pleanála for a Railway Order for Luas Cross City (then known as Luas Broombridge) in June 2010.  The order provided the necessary powers to construct, operate and maintain the line.

The Railway Order application and access to the drawings, environmental impact statement and other documents which accompanied the application can be found on a dedicated website –

The following documents were published by An Bord Pleanála ( in relation to the application by the Railway Procurement Agency for the Railway Order:
Inspector’s Report (September 2011)
Inspector’s Addendum Report (June 2012)
Systra Report on Alternative Power Supply Systems
Board Direction
Preamble (Reasons and Considerations)
Schedule 14 (Board Conditions)
Schedule 15 (Notes in relation to Board Decision)
Railway Order
Luas Cross City Flyer
Business Case for Luas Cross City

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