The Broadstone – DIT Stop will have lateral platforms and be located adjacent to the Broadstone building with access from Constitution Hill. The stop will serve the existing residential population and will be a key stop in the future for students and staff accessing the planned DIT campus at Grangegorman.
What's Happening

Following the demolition of the Maxol station and ancillary structures ground preparation works have been carried out and the construction of a new bus depot overpass at Broadstone is nearing completion. See link for time lapse of construction here>.

To build the new track across Construction Hill the Contractor has built a temporary road to the side of Constitution Hill and the traffic will flip onto the temporary road to allow the Contractor to install track on Constitution Hill. This is a major piece of works and once complete Constitution Hill will be the point where trams originating from Broombridge will exit the old railway cutting and join the urban street network on its route through the city centre.


Wall at Broadstone – DIT Luas Stop:

Further to a number of queries and comments received from members of the public regarding the wall currently under construction between the Broadstone – DIT Luas Stop and the Broadstone building, TII wish to confirm that, as part of the finalisation of all of the design elements for the Broadstone area, we have been actively developing design solutions which provide visibility of the Broadstone building from the Constitution Hill, Kings Inn direction. TII have also engaged with Dublin City Council and the Grangegorman Development Agency throughout the design process. TII also wish to note that once passenger operations commence on the Luas Cross City scheme tram passengers will start to use the stop area directly in front of this wall and, in that regard, compliance with public safety and structural requirements places constraints on our designs – safety being paramount in all design decisions.

In relation to the current appearance of the wall we confirm that the part of the wall that is currently visible on site is the structural concrete core of the wall and that, in the final configuration, this structural element will be clad in a natural stone cladding such that the concrete will not be visible.

We will keep you updated via the LCC website in relation to developments with the design of this wall.

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