Dominick Stop will have an island platform arrangement located on the western side of Dominick Street Lower close to the junction with Parnell Street and will serve trams in both directions. This stop will serve the existing residential population, the retail area of Parnell Street including the ILAC Centre and facilitate the proposed regeneration of Dominick Street by Dublin City Council.
What's Happening


A significant amount of track work has been installed on Dominick Street to date with the remaining three sections all planned for completion by the end of November:
> Crossing Bolton Street junction
> Dominick Street Upper
> Crossing Temple Cottages on Dominick Street Upper

Dominick Street tram stop platform is currently under construction and is due to be completed within the above time period.

A series of footway upgrades will also occur on Dominick Street during this period. Pedestrian access to businesses and premises will be accommodated during these works.

Furthermore, a series of carriageway works on Dominick Street to upgrade road drainage network, lay ducting and strengthen road pavement will also be carried out.

Traffic – Car Park Access

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See information leaflet below on current traffic arrangement for the area to accommodate construction works:

Dominick Street Traffic Info Flyer



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