The Cellars works are the first phase of the Luas Cross City. This is one of the three phases of works required to create a clear route ready for Luas tracks.

During this phase certain areas of the route will be checked for cellars under footpaths (in which pipes and cables must be laid) or under sections of roadway (on which tracks will be laid).  Cellars will be in-filled as required.

The Cellars work deals with the investigation and treatment (filling) of cellars which extend beneath the public footpath and road carriageway along the alignment for Luas Cross City. Filling the cellars allows the tram lines to travel overhead and / or provides a location for utilities that are being diverted from under the tram lines. These works will be necessary in areas of the route where there are, or once were, older buildings with basements such as:

  • Dawson Street
  • Westmoreland Street
  • Marlborough Street
  • Parnell Street
  • Dominick Street



Sequence of activities:

  • Set up traffic management
  • Fence off the work area
  • Excavate a slit-trench to expose crown of cellars: 30m long x  600mm wide by 1200mm deep
  • Remove brick from the crown & CCTV
  • Remove a section of the crown
  • Remove debris from cellar
  • Survey the cellar
  • Divert services
  • Construct block wall
  • Fill the cellar
  • Backfill the trench
  • Reinstate the road surface

This sequence of activities will take approximately 15 working days.




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