Utility Diversion Contract

This is the third and final phase of works required to create a clear route for the Luas tracks.

The purpose of the Utility Diversion Contract is to remove the multitude of existing utilities from under the proposed Luas tracks. This work is being undertaken to ensure that future works to these utilities will not affect tram operations.

Given that there is a multiplicity of utilities – water, gas, sewers, power cables, communications cables – under the city streets, this is a significant and complex undertaking. It will involve significant traffic management and arrangements will be put in place to maintain access to premises and businesses.

Utility Works

During this phase new pipes and cables for vital utilities will be laid, mostly under footpaths. This will allow for the transfer of utilities  and the decommissioning of pipes under the new Luas tracks.  This will ensure that  once trams are running there will be no requirement to disrupt services to access pipes and cables under the track for repair or replacement purposes.

Significant preparatory work has been done to identify the location of existing pipes and cables. These works are essential to the project and will also result in a modernised and coordinated layout of utilities.

The majority of these specific works will be located in the city centre area.

Sewer Proving Works

Strengthening works on the existing public sewers started in early October 2013. In advance of these works there is a need to enter each sewer to survey its dimensions and to map the existing lateral connections. For traffic management reasons, most, if not all, of the works will be undertaken between 22.00hrs and 06.00hrs each night, including weekends. On a nightly basis the works will involve the establishment of temporary traffic management measures, the lifting of manhole lids, where necessary, clearance of material from sewer, re-instatement of manhole lids and demobilisation.

Utility Works 1

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