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Factsheet – The Molly Malone Statue

Artist                            Jeanne Rynhart

Date                             1988

Dimension                 Figure: 200cm height

Plinth:                        305cm x 152 cm

Materials                       Figure: Bronze

Plinth:                           Granite slabs

The statue sculpted in the style of a 17th century woman and located on Grafton Street with the assumption that Molly Malone was a tradeswoman who sold her wares in the St. Stephen’s Green area. At the time that the sculpture was commissioned it was also claimed that Molly Malone had been baptised in St. Andrew’s Church in the 1660’s. The earliest published version of the Molly Malone song dates from the 1870’s with various versions published thereafter. Whether Molly Malone ever existed is a matter of debate but what seems like is that if she did she would have lived much later than the 17th century.

 Molly Malone 1

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