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Factsheet – The Lady Grattan Fountain and 2 Horse Troughs

Artist:                         Unknown

Date:                            1888

Dimension:              480cm

Material:                   Polished Granite

Commission:           Dublin Corporation

The Lady Grattan Fountain was presented by Lady Laura Grattan (daughter in law of the patriot Henry Grattan, M.P whose statue stands in College Green) to the citizens of Dublin in 1880.  The fountain was presented to the citizens of the city at a time when running water was supplied to a small number of houses in the capital. The installation of fountains like this one in other locations within the city centre helped greatly in improving public health and hygiene generally.

It consists of a drinking fountain carved from polished granite stone.  The cylindrical base supports a basin from which rises a quatrefoil shaft surmounted by a small Celtic cross.  Decorative bronze spouts and fittings (some of which are missing) are set into the quatrefoil shaft. Drinking cups would have originally been attached to the shaft to allow people to quench their thirsts, while horses would have been able to drink from the basin.

Flanking the structure are two granite rectangular troughs mounted on squared pedestal blocks.  These troughs are likely to be unrelated historically with the drinking fountain and may have been brought from elsewhere during the twentieth century.

In 1992 the fountain was restored by Dublin City Council. The work involved bringing drinking water back to the fountain and replacing worn bronze castings, spouts and access doors. One of the horse troughs, which was badly damaged, was replaced by a modern copy.

Lady Grattan Fountain

Lady Grattan Fountain


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