Luas Cross City Gauge Run – Saturday 17 June & Sunday 18 June 2017

The first trams will be tested on the new Luas Cross City route this Saturday, 17 June and Sunday, 18 June in Dublin city.

On Saturday 17 June, the gauge run will consist of using two trams moving at slow speeds (from 5kph up to 10kph) between St. Stephen’s Green, College Green and over to O’Connell Street.   On Sunday 18 June, the gauge run will continue between Broadstone and Cabra and through the city centre again.  These gauge run tests will take place from approximately 07.00am until mid-afternoon.

The tram movements will be controlled by test marshals on the ground and supported by An Garda Siochána to bring the trams across the city centre and through junctions.

The gauge run tests include a range of measurements and checks to ensure that the new infrastructure is working with the trams. The gauge run allows the engineering team to check the exact and precise specifications.

Members of the public are asked to keep a safe distance from the trams and to please obey the instructions of An Garda Siochána and marshals.

During the summer months, tram testing will continue in advance of passenger services commencing in December.

For more information about the gauge run, see ‘WHAT IS A GAUGE RUN?’ below.


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