Return Of Thomas Moore Statue To College Green & Other Heritage Items Update

The Thomas Moore statue was successfully reinstated back on College Green on 22 June 2017 following its removal in May 2014. While in temporary storage, Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) in conjunction with Dublin City Council carried out some much needed bronze repair works in the form of repatination. This process involves a thorough steam clean of the bronze followed by the reapplication of a chemical patina to match the finish that was originally applied in the 19th century.

Along with the Thomas Moore statue, KNN, Luas Cross City heritage works contractor, have also been responsible for the storage of a wide range of other items of historical and cultural significance and paving removed by other contractors working on the project. These items have also been cleaned and carefully repaired, if needed, whilst in storage before their reinstatement back to the streets of Dublin. The removals and reinstatement have been carried out to the best possible conservation standards with advice from Dublin City Council and Paul Arnold Architects. All heritage items will be reinstated over the coming months.

The footage below showcases Thomas Moore’s return to College Green and also provides an update on the return of other heritage items that were removed when Luas Cross City works commenced.

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