Northbound and southbound platforms on Dawson Street will be located close to the junction with Duke Street.
What's Happening


All track work is complete on Dawson Street.

The civil and footway works for the new northbound tram stop platform are nearing completion.

Stop furniture has now arrived.

Bus stops on Dawson Street are to be relocated south of the junction with Anne Street South to accommodate the tram stop platform works.

Footway work sites are also planned for along Dawson Street with pedestrian access to premises maintained during business hours.

A series of carriageway works will also be required on Dawson Street to upgrade the road drainage network, lay ducting and strengthen road pavement where required.

All works are to be phased to minimise impact on pedestrian and vehicular access to the area.

Track work is complete on Nassau Street.

Ongoing footway works to continue during this period.  The pavement on the Trinity side of the street is due to re-open in mid February.  Access to premises will be maintained during business hours.

Carriageway strengthening on Nassau Street is also scheduled for this period.

Pavement strengthening works will continue here over the next few months.  Pedestrian access to premises will be maintained during business hours.

The track work on College Green is complete.

Pavement strengthening will be carried out along with footway works in the area.

The College Green Bus Corridor will continue to operate between 7am – 7pm Monday to Friday.

Traffic – Car Park Access

Dawson Access Map


Car parks in this area include Dawson and Setanta.

Approaching from the east
Use the inner orbital to access Lower Leeson Street. Turn right from Leeson Street onto St. Stephen’s Green East. Turn left from St. Stephen’s Green East and then right onto Kildare Street.

Approaching from the west
Use the inner orbital to access Kevin Street, continue onto Cuffe Street and St. Stephen’s Green South. Turn left from St. Stephen’s Green South onto St. Stephen’s Green East. Turn left from St. Stephen’s Green East and then right onto Kildare Street.

On Kildare Street, for Dawson Car Park turn left onto Schoolhouse Lane and for Setanta Car Park take second left onto Molesworth Street.

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