The Phibsborough Stop will be located within the former Broadstone railway cutting between North Circular Road and Cabra Road and will have lateral platforms. Access to the platform level will be provided from both North Circular Road and Cabra Road via stairs and lifts from the new deck levels abutting the existing road overbridges. This stop will serve the existing residential communities and facilitate interchange with bus services on North Circular Road and Cabra Road.
What's Happening

Luas Cross City – Update of Works in your Area – Cabra, Phibsborough & Broombridge Stops

The works on the Luas Cross City project are ongoing along the whole length of the project. Below you will find an update of the works to date and the upcoming construction activities in your area.

Bridge Upgrades
The first phase started in June 2016, which involved the strengthening of the arches under the North Circular Road and Cabra Road bridges.  Further reinforcement at the bridges includes parapet strengthening works. The piling works for the lift shafts at North Circular Road and Cabra Road bridges are now completed.

Lift shafts at NCR Bridge and Cabra Road Bridge are currently under construction.

Parapet strengthening works are progressing. The North Parapet is complete on Cabra Road Bridge with the new railing to be erected.

Heritage Wall Repairs
The heritage walls have undergone several surveys and their condition was logged carefully during the preparation phase.  SSJV are currently restoring the Great Western Railway Walls by hand with specialist contractors. Extensive repairs have been carried out to the heritage walls to date.  These works are progressing well and are 80-90% complete as of mid-April 2017.

Landscaping Work between Broombridge and Fassaugh Road
The contractor erected a 2.4 meter security fence along the boundary walls. Landscaping and planting works then commenced on the earth banks.

Planting is now complete.

Broombridge Depot
Construction on the Broombridge Luas depot started in February 2016.  SSJV are scheduled to complete the depot building works by Summer 2017.

Track Laying Started October 2016
Ballast track works are now complete between Broadstone and Broombridge.  Depot service tracks works are ongoing and are due to be finished by Summer 2017.

If you would like to join our database for updates or if you have any queries in relation to the project, please feel free to contact the Luas Cross City team on:

Freephone: 1800 303 653
E-mail: info@luascrosscity.ie
Website: www.luascrosscity.ie
Or call in to us at our Public Information Office in Royal Hibernian Way, Dawson Street, Dublin 2.

The SSJV work crews will endeavour to keep the impact of the works to a minimum.  We are available if you need to get in touch with us during these works, you can reach SSJV’s site representative on 01/5397979.

We appreciate your understanding and co-operation while we continue to deliver the Luas Cross City project.

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